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Pit stop – Making the change to Natural Deodorant

So, you’ve decided to make the change from anti-perspirant deodorant, to a natural option. We think you’ve made a great decision. As well as smelling great, you’ll be getting rid of some nasties from your morning routine and more importantly, your body.

What a lot of people are unaware of, is that if you’re switching from an aluminium-based anti-perspirant to natural deodorant, there is a “transitional” phase, which sometimes comes with a “transitional” smell.

For some people, the transitional phase is quick. For others it can take a few weeks. But, don’t let that put you off making the switch. It’s simply your body’s way of detoxifying itself.

Why do I need to “transition”?

Aluminium based anti-perspirants, essentially plug your sweat glands which helps keep your underarms dry. By removing the aluminium, you can sweat more.

The good news is that sweat doesn’t actually smell. Sweat attracts bacteria and it’s the bacteria that smells.

The bad news is, when you remove the aluminium plug that’s been holding in the sweat, your body can go into overdrive, releasing everything you’ve been trapping inside. This can contribute to that brief BO you might notice.

But don’t worry, this is only for a short time and once your pits have detoxed themselves, you can enjoy smelling fresh and natural all day long.

You’ll sweat, but you won’t smell.

Once you’ve made the transition to natural deodorant, you may notice that you sweat a little more than you used to. This is completely natural. Remember, you’ve no longer got aluminium plugging your pores. Humans are meant to sweat – it’s our built-in mechanism for temperature control and detoxification. One of the ways we eliminate waste through the skin is via sweat.

Thankfully, Only Good Natural Deodorant has your underarms covered with ODOURCO™, a unique and natural additive which neutralises bacteria to help prevent odour.

For some people, the thought of a deodorant detox may be a scary one. The reality is, once it’s out of the way, you can comfortably know that you are making a healthy choice every time you apply natural deodorant.

As well as being 100% natural, Only Good Deodorant is Palm Oil and Cruelty Free with no added synthetics or chemicals.